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Sirtex Medical and Magle Group Collaborate Exclusively on EmboCept® S DSM 50 μm Distribution and Development

Saturday, September 09, 2023

Sirtex Medical, a leading manufacturer of interventional treatment solutions, has announced an exclusive worldwide distribution and collaboration agreement with Magle Group, a Swedish contract development and manufacturing organization specializing in Degradable Starch Microspheres (DSM) sales and marketing.

Under the terms of this agreement:

1. Sirtex gains exclusive distribution rights for Magle Group's chemoembolization product, EmboCept® S DSM 50 μm, in both existing and new geographic regions, with the aim of enhancing patient access to the product.

2. Sirtex and Magle intend to establish a joint development plan to expand their product offerings in the field of embolization, leveraging Magle Group's DSM platform.

EmboCept® S DSM 50 μm is indicated for the chemoembolization of liver and lung tumors. It is employed as an adjunct in the intra-arterial treatment of inoperable liver and lung tumors, in conjunction with cytostatic agents. Thanks to its degradability, EmboCept® S allows for superselective treatments of single liver segments and selective targeting of specific liver lobes, enabling the treatment of multifocal, diffuse tumors, and non-visible micro-tumors.

Justin Pierce, CEO of Magle Group, expressed enthusiasm about partnering with Sirtex to maximize the commercial potential of EmboCept® S, their proprietary product for chemoembolization of inoperable liver and lung tumors. Pierce highlighted Sirtex's well-established sales force and its capacity to support Magle Group's efforts to expand its DSM-based product range in the embolization field.

Liver cancer is the fourth leading global cause of death, with over 800,000 annual deaths, according to the National Institute of Health. Additionally, as of 2020, lung cancer is responsible for the highest number of cancer-related deaths and is the second most common cancer globally, with 2.2 million diagnoses 1.8 million fatalities annually, as reported by the World Health Organization.

Kevin R. Smith, CEO of Sirtex, expressed excitement about broadening their product portfolio to address unmet needs in liver and lung oncology. This collaboration with Magle will enable Sirtex to continue delivering quality treatments to enhance the lives of patients worldwide.

EmboCept® S DSM 50 µm is presently authorized for sale in European, Argentinian, Singaporean, and Malaysian markets.



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