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SimonMed Imaging Unveils simonONE: Nationwide AI-Powered Preventive Care Service

Friday, June 16, 2023

SimonMed Imaging, a prominent outpatient medical imaging provider and radiology practice in the United States, has recently launched simonONE. This innovative service offers affordable, fast, and non-invasive whole body MRI screening directly to patients. By leveraging AI technology, advanced clinical protocols, and state-of-the-art MRI equipment, simonONE aims to detect cancer and other diseases at an early stage.

The simonONE experience involves a 20-30 minute MRI exam covering more than 100 body structures, from the head to the pelvis. Priced at $650, this comprehensive scan is a fraction of the cost of comparable services in the market. Patients do not need a physician referral and can conveniently schedule their exams at over 20 SimonMed Imaging locations across eight states, including New York, California, Illinois, Arizona, and Florida.

After the MRI scan, patients receive a telehealth consultation with a simonONE specialist. During this consultation, the results are reviewed, and a personalized action plan is developed. In addition to whole body screening, simonONE also offers advanced AI-powered screenings for the prostate, brain, and liver.

By detecting diseases early, such as cancer, patients have better treatment options and higher survival rates. SimonMed Imaging has over 20 years of expertise in whole body imaging and is continuously integrating new technologies to improve the examination process while reducing costs and scan times.

Since its soft launch in late 2021, simonONE has garnered significant interest from individuals of all age groups seeking preventive, non-invasive scans. The outcomes of simonONE's whole body MRI screenings have been life-changing, uncovering early-stage cancers, vascular abnormalities, and treatable liver diseases. commended simonONE for empowering patients to take control of their health through comprehensive imaging, thereby revolutionizing preventive healthcare.


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