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Signia Introduces Hearing Aids That Tackle the Most Difficult Challenge for People With Hearing Loss: Group Conversations in Noise

Tuesday, September 05, 2023

Signia, a leader in hearing aid technology and a part of WS Audiology, has unveiled a groundbreaking innovation known as Integrated Xperience. This cutting-edge technology empowers wearers of hearing aids to clearly hear all speakers in noisy group conversations, even when speakers are on the move or the wearer turns their head. Integrated Xperience represents a significant advancement in addressing the common struggle that hearing aid users face when trying to engage in dynamic conversations in noisy social settings.

Conventional hearing aids often struggle to enhance speech in these challenging environments and are unable to quickly adapt to capture multiple speakers effectively. Signia's Integrated Xperience is pioneering the world's first hearing aid capable of identifying and focusing on the voice of each person in a conversation. This innovation results in enhanced speech comprehension and reduced background noise, significantly improving the overall hearing experience.

Social interactions and conversations are essential for our well-being and cognitive health, particularly when connecting with loved ones and friends. Integrated Xperience goes beyond just improving hearing; it empowers hearing aid users to confidently participate and contribute to noisy group conversations, eliminating the need to passively observe from the sidelines. This groundbreaking technology, exclusive to Signia's flagship brand, aligns with WS Audiology's mission to bring the joy of exceptional sound to everyone's life.

In a study assessing speech performance in group conversations, Signia's Integrated Xperience RealTime Conversation Enhancement demonstrated a remarkable improvement in speech understanding for participants. An impressive 95% of individuals experienced enhanced performance with this technology compared to without it.

The Integrated Xperience platform makes its debut in the all-new Pure Charge&Go IX hearing aids, offering a seamless and immersive hearing experience. Additionally, the platform includes Silk Charge&Go IX, the world's first rechargeable completely-in-the-canal hearing aids designed for maximum convenience and comfort.

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