Scientia Vascular's Latest Line of Microfabricated Neurovascular Catheters Receives FDA Approval

Tuesday, May 07, 2024

Scientia Vascular is excited to announce the FDA clearance of two innovative catheters: the Plato 17—a microcatheter compatible with DMSO—and the Socrates 38, an aspiration catheter designed for ischemic stroke. This achievement highlights Scientia's dedication to advancing neurovascular healthcare.

The introduction of the Plato® 17 microcatheter and Socrates® 38 aspiration catheter demonstrates Scientia's commitment to continuous innovation. Drawing on our expertise in microfabricated guidewires, we've transformed catheter manufacturing with state-of-the-art technologies and precision engineering, showcasing our commitment to advancing medical solutions.

Socrates 38: Leading Aspiration Catheter in Limited Market Rollout

The Socrates 38 aspiration catheter is currently undergoing a limited market rollout, gathering crucial feedback and clinical insights. This phase is essential for refining our strategic launch and providing stroke treatment physicians with superior options.

Plato 17: Advancing Microcatheter Technology

The Plato 17 microcatheter, compatible with DMSO, represents a significant advancement in catheter design, offering physicians enhanced control and stability for a range of neurovascular applications. This breakthrough underscores Scientia's ability to transfer innovative technology across product lines, enhancing clinical effectiveness in patient care.

A Message from the CEO

"Our FDA clearance is a major milestone for Scientia Vascular. By integrating proven microfabrication technology into catheters and optimizing our access and treatment devices for seamless compatibility, we empower physicians with cutting-edge neurovascular tools," says John Lippert, CEO of Scientia Vascular. "I extend my deepest appreciation to our dedicated teams whose unwavering efforts have made this FDA milestone a reality. Their commitment to excellence and innovation propels our patient-centric mission forward."

Anticipation for Full Market Launch

"Microfabrication has revolutionized stroke treatment with products like our Aristotle® 24 and Colossus wires, setting new standards of care," shares Paul Fischer, Chief Commercial Officer for Scientia Vascular. "We're excited to witness the transformative impact of microfabricated catheter technology, offering physicians novel possibilities to elevate patient care across various neurovascular conditions."


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