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Roche Launches Advanced qPCR System for Enhanced Clinical Molecular Diagnostics and Public Health Challenges

Monday, November 20, 2023

Roche has recently introduced the LightCycler PRO System, a cutting-edge platform built upon the well-established technology of the LightCycler Systems. This innovative system sets new standards for performance and user-friendliness, effectively bridging the gap between translational research and in vitro diagnostics. It serves as a valuable addition to Roche's molecular PCR testing portfolio, catering to diverse healthcare professionals, including researchers and those conducting tests for cancer, infectious diseases, and other public health challenges. Roche has played a pivotal role in advancing PCR technology to meet the evolving needs of healthcare systems.

The LightCycler PRO System offers users the flexibility to develop their own tests and provides access to a comprehensive portfolio, including over 200 LightMix Modular research assays and more than 60 LightMix CE-IVD assays from Roche's subsidiary, TIB Molbiol. Renowned for their performance and reliability, the LightCycler qPCR systems serve as the foundation for the LightCycler PRO System, which is positioned as the most versatile and capable iteration to date.

Noteworthy enhancements include the incorporation of a new vapor chamber to ensure improved temperature uniformity across the block, upgraded software algorithms, and a completely overhauled software and user interface. These improvements collectively contribute to making the LightCycler PRO System Roche's most advanced offering in the LightCycler System lineup. Significantly, the system is expressly designed and labeled for both research and in vitro diagnostic workflows, facilitating a seamless and compliant transition for laboratories from discovery research to the testing of patient clinical samples.

In summary, Roche's LightCycler PRO System stands out as a unique and powerful qPCR solution, addressing the diverse needs of laboratories with its advanced features and capabilities.


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