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Roche Introduces CCM Vertical: Enhancing Laboratory Efficiency with cobas® Connection Modules Expansion

Thursday, August 17, 2023

Roche has introduced a novel addition to its cobas® connection modules (CCM) lineup called the CCM Vertical. This innovative module facilitates the smooth movement of samples along overhead conveyors, offering a solution to connect different work areas and ensure accessible exits, including emergency routes, as CCM conveyors traverse walkways. It enables the efficient transport of samples across multiple levels, addressing the spatial constraints often faced in laboratories.

In the ever-evolving realm of healthcare, the need for automation has grown due to shortages in skilled personnel, rising throughput demands, and the urgent requirement for fast and accurate results with minimal errors. Moreover, limited laboratory space has presented a significant challenge in expanding testing capabilities. To meet these dynamic healthcare demands, laboratories and healthcare providers strive to optimize operations and efficiencies while simultaneously enhancing patient care.

The CCM Vertical introduces a modular and adaptable vertical transportation solution, comprising elevator units, overhead conveyors, and overhead turn units. It seamlessly integrates with existing CCM solutions, upholding the quality, reliability, and performance standards of the established CCM horizontal track. By enabling multi-floor connectivity through various ceilings, the CCM Vertical effectively addresses the spatial limitations that have previously hindered the implementation of feasible solutions.

Roche's comprehensive laboratory automation portfolio offers customization options tailored to laboratories of diverse volumes, ranging from low to high throughput. This solution even allows for on-site expansion as needs evolve. The comprehensive approach automates both pre- and post-analytical tasks, optimizing efficiency through flexible standalone configurations. Minimizing manual intervention in laboratory processes enhances error management, safety, and overall process quality. Additionally, physically connecting different instruments ensures a predictable timeframe for obtaining test results.

Key modular components of the CCM Vertical include: Elevator units with adjustable walk-through heights (ranging from 1.87 to 2.24 meters), Overhead Conveyor units, Overhead Turntable units

Roche's CCM Vertical offers an innovative response to the intricate challenges posed by modern healthcare systems and laboratories. Its adaptable design, seamless integration, and multi-floor connectivity empower laboratories to effectively manage increasing demands while upholding superior standards of patient care.



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