Riverfield Chooses Wind River's VxWorks for the Advancement of a Revolutionary Surgical Robot System

Wednesday, October 18, 2023

Wind River, a prominent provider of software solutions for intelligent systems, has unveiled an exciting development in collaboration with RIVERFIELD Inc. Together, they have harnessed the power of VxWorks to create the groundbreaking Saroa Surgical System, an innovative surgical assistance robot. Riverfield has proven its pioneering spirit with the Saroa Surgical System, which boasts impressive force-sensing capabilities.

Given the critical nature of surgical procedures and the need for pinpoint precision in saving lives, VxWorks was the natural choice due to its extensive experience in the field of medical devices requiring real-time performance and stringent control. It was crucial for Riverfield to partner with a trusted and proven solution.

The Saroa Surgical System is a remarkable achievement as the world's first surgical assistive robot that effectively replicates the tactile sensation of force through the utilization of pneumatic pressure to control its robotic grippers. This precision control technology within the pneumatic system is a game-changer for tasks like clamping, grasping, and traction, which are essential in the surgical realm.

VxWorks enables Riverfield to achieve real-time processing with an impressively consistent response time of under a microsecond. This capability is vital for controlling pneumatic forces and other applications that require rapid, high-precision execution. VxWorks stands out as the industry's most reliable and widely adopted real-time operating system (RTOS) for mission-critical embedded systems, offering a trusted solution for security and safety needs.


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