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Revvity Reveals Innovative Preclinical Imaging Technologies Advancing Scientific Breakthroughs

Wednesday, September 06, 2023

Revvity has introduced an enhanced lineup of imaging solutions aimed at fostering innovation in diverse preclinical research applications. This significant launch includes three pioneering systems: the next-generation IVIS® Spectrum 2 and IVIS SpectrumCT 2 imaging platforms, which redefine the benchmarks for versatility and sensitivity in in vivo optical imaging. Additionally, Revvity has unveiled the QuantumTM GX3 microCT structural imaging solution, delivering enhanced resolution and speed for both in vivo and ex vivo imaging. These groundbreaking technologies are thoughtfully designed to expedite research endeavors in the realm of disease biology exploration and the rapid evaluation of potential therapeutic candidates.

IVIS Spectrum 2 and IVIS SpectrumCT 2 Systems: Advancing Optical Imaging represents a significant leap forward in in vivo imaging capabilities. It offers advanced 2D and 3D bioluminescence and fluorescence functionalities. It boasts an exclusive high-sensitivity camera equipped with eXcelon® coating and a posing station designed to enhance workflow and enable high-throughput imaging. The IVIS Spectrum 2 facilitates a wide array of applications, including longitudinal disease tracking, cell movement analysis, drug safety assessments, treatment efficacy evaluations, and real-time, non-invasive exploration of molecular-level biological processes

Quantum GX3 microCT: Leading-Edge Resolution for Diverse Applications, Including Bone Imaging an evolution of its predecessor, provides high-resolution structural imaging with a strong focus on superior image quality and versatility. This powerful tool enables swift and high-quality image acquisition across a broad spectrum of applications. Key improvements encompass 5-micron spatial resolution, step-scanning, active ring reduction, and enhanced gating, setting new standards in image quality and adaptability within the preclinical research instrument domain.Enhanced image-based respiratory and cardiac gating effectively eliminates motion artifacts from heart and lung images. The system offers various scanning modes, including continuous scanning, step scanning for artifact minimization, and an active ring reduction mode for automatic ring artifact removal, all contributing to heightened performance. Additionally, improved fluoroscopy provides real-time visualization of anatomical structures and vasculature, alongside faster image reconstruction times, bolstering throughput.

Vega® Ultrasound System: Rapid, Automated, High-Throughput in Vivo Imaging introduces a hands-free, automated, high-throughput preclinical ultrasound imaging system that delivers high-resolution 2D and 3D images for in vivo ultrasound studies within a matter of minutes. This innovative system eliminates the challenges associated with conventional handheld ultrasound systems by utilizing automated transducers situated beneath the imaging stage. The widefield imaging capability allows researchers to visualize disease pathophysiology or therapeutic effects within a broader anatomical and pathological context. Engineered for ease of use and consistency, the Vega system is ideally suited for accelerating non-invasive research and drug development across various fields, including oncology, liver studies, kidney disease research, and cardiology.



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