RevelAi Health and Zimmer Biomet Announce Exclusive Multi-Year Co-Marketing Agreement to Enhance Value-Based Care and Promote Health Equity Using AI-Powered Technology

Saturday, June 15, 2024

RevelAi Health and Zimmer Biomet Holdings, have announced a multi-year co-marketing agreement focused on advancing orthopedic care through generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions. These solutions aim to promote value-based care and health equity.

Under the agreement, Zimmer Biomet will market RevelAi Health's platform for patient care management, a care team dashboard for healthcare providers, and any future products or services developed by RevelAi Health.

RevelAi Health and an orthopedic trauma surgeon at Duke University School of Medicine, emphasized the potential of AI to streamline clinical workflows and address socio-demographic disparities.

Highlighted their AI-powered asynchronous care model, which provides personalized, timely, and effective patient care while reducing clinician burnout. Péan views the collaboration with Zimmer Biomet as a significant step toward ensuring equitable healthcare delivery.

RevelAi Health specializes in software as a service (SAAS) health technology, focusing on cutting-edge generative AI solutions for population health management.

Their clinician-validated large language model supports healthcare providers in transitioning to value-based care, meeting critical CMS requirements such as Patient Reported Outcome measures and Social Drivers of Health (SDOH) Screening.

Additionally, RevelAi Health offers a patient care management system utilizing text messaging and clinician-guided voice agents to improve care workflows and enhance patient engagement.

Edmond Davis, Senior Director-Health Equity at Zimmer Biomet, underscored the importance of making orthopedic care more accessible and delivering innovative solutions that address both clinical and social needs within communities.

Davis stated that collaborating with RevelAi allows Zimmer Biomet to integrate their technologies to meet the needs of underserved and vulnerable populations, supporting clinicians in optimizing value-based outcomes.






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