RAYUS Radiology Introduces New State-of-the-Art CT Scanner Utilizing Photon-Counting Technology

Saturday, April 01, 2023

RAYUS Radiology, a trusted national provider of advanced diagnostic and interventional medical imaging services, is proud to announce the installation of the groundbreaking NAEOTOM Alpha® CT scanner from Siemens Healthineers at its Palm Beach Gardens, Florida location. This state-of-the-art CT scanner, the first of its kind in South Florida, offers cutting-edge photon-counting technology, revolutionizing image resolution, contrast, and diagnostic accuracy.

Unlike conventional CT scanners, the NAEOTOM Alpha employs advanced photon-counting technology to deliver exceptional image quality, enabling earlier detection and precise diagnosis. Moreover, it reduces radiation dose by up to 45% for ultra-high resolution scans compared to conventional detectors, prioritizing patient safety and well-being.

RAYUS patients and their physicians will benefit greatly from these advancements. The photon-counting CT technology expands access to cardiac scanning, even for patients who may have been challenging to image using traditional scans. Individuals with significant calcified plaque, prior stents, or mechanical valves can now benefit from improved clarity in their scans. Additionally, the reduced radiation dose allows for more frequent scans of oncology patients, vital for monitoring disease progression and treatment response. Faster scan speeds ensure a smoother and more comfortable experience for every RAYUS patient.

Dr. Jonathan Wiener, a board-certified and subspecialized radiologist and Director of MRI for RAYUS Radiology in Southeast Florida, expressed his enthusiasm, stating, "Photon-counting CT is the future, and the NAEOTOM Alpha sets the standard for excellence. With enhanced diagnostic precision and spectral imaging capabilities, our radiologists can achieve optimal imaging results for patients across various clinical specialties. The NAEOTOM Alpha joins our extensive range of advanced technologies, furthering our commitment to delivering the highest quality imaging services to Palm Beach County."

Developed and manufactured by Siemens Healthineers, the NAEOTOM Alpha received clearance for clinical use in the United States and Europe on September 30th, 2021. As a leader in advanced diagnostic imaging, RAYUS Radiology takes pride in being the first patient-centered institution in South Florida to introduce the NAEOTOM Alpha photon-counting CT scanner to the community.

Kim Tzoumakas, Chief Executive Officer at RAYUS Radiology, commented, "The NAEOTOM Alpha from Siemens Healthineers represents a significant advancement in CT technology and enhances our industry-leading imaging services. We remain dedicated to embracing new and innovative solutions that enhance the clinical experience and outcomes for our patients undergoing diagnostic imaging."

Experience the future of CT imaging with RAYUS Radiology and the cutting-edge NAEOTOM Alpha scanner, exemplifying their commitment to excellence in patient care.


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