RamSoft and RADPAIR Integrate AI for Radiology Report Generation into OmegaAI's Platform

Friday, June 28, 2024

RamSoft®, a leader in cloud-based RIS/PACS radiology solutions, and RADPAIR, a pioneer in healthcare technology, have announced a significant collaboration: the integration of AI-driven radiology report generation into the OmegaAI® platform.

This partnership represents a major leap forward in AI-driven enterprise imaging by merging RamSoft's OmegaAI—a PACS/RIS/VMA platform—with RADPAIR's advanced Gen AI platform for automated report generation.

Both solutions are zero-footprint, providing a seamless, browser-based interface for image viewing and reporting.

The integration will soon extend to RADPAIR's AI report generation application with RamSoft's PowerServer™ platform, benefiting thousands of current RamSoft users with automated Gen AI reporting capabilities.

This joint effort will debut at SIIM24 (Society for Imaging Informatics in Medicine), showcasing the world's first entirely cloud-native PACS and Gen AI-driven integrated reporting solution for radiology.

This innovation promises to revolutionize radiological diagnostics, enhancing both throughput and reporting accuracy.

RADPAIR's Gen AI platform addresses radiologists' challenges by automating reporting processes, allowing professionals to focus more on patient diagnoses and improving overall efficiency.

This partnership underscores both companies' commitment to patient-centered care and leveraging AI to advance healthcare delivery.

"Collaboration with RADPAIR enables our customers to streamline workflows and enhance patient outcomes through automated report generation."

 "By harnessing AI, we empower radiologists and imaging experts to improve efficiency and quality in their practices."

"Teaming up with RamSoft accelerates our mission to equip radiologists globally with cutting-edge AI tools, elevating standards in patient care."

RADPAIR's AI application automates reporting through three key features:

  1. Automatic Report Generation: AI eliminates manual transcription and formatting by generating near real-time reports from radiologist dictations.

  2. Dynamic Editing: Simplifies the editing process with intuitive click-and-drag features for quick revisions to generated reports.

  3. Intelligent Classification System: Enhances report quality and consistency by integrating Radiopaedia's radiology knowledge repository, offering relevant guidelines and information during reporting.

"This integrated platform with OmegaAI PACS allows us to optimize reporting workflows, saving time on administrative tasks and focusing more on patient care."

The RamSoft-RADPAIR collaboration sets a new standard in radiology, leveraging AI to drive efficiency and precision in diagnostic imaging, ultimately benefiting healthcare providers and patients alike.






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