Positron Corporation Joins Cardiac PET Industry Coalition

Monday, June 17, 2024

Positron Corporation, a leading provider of molecular imaging medical devices specializing in PET and PET-CT systems, has announced its membership in the Cardiac PET Industry Coalition (CPIC).

This national alliance, which includes founding members Bracco Diagnostics, CDL Nuclear Technologies, and Siemens Healthcare, is dedicated to advancing cardiovascular PET imaging through advocacy, innovation, and improving patient care.

CPIC's goals include advocating for fair and transparent coverage and reimbursement policies to enhance access to cardiac PET diagnostics nationwide.

The coalition also aims to align practitioners on research opportunities, highlight the clinical and economic benefits of PET technology, and educate healthcare providers and policymakers on its value.

Joining CPIC and participating in its committees focused on advancing PET technology for cardiac studies. He emphasized Positron's commitment to delivering superior value in the industry and supporting CPIC in shaping the future of cardiac PET imaging.








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