Pioneering Radiology Center Opens in New Jersey, Announces ImageCare Radiology

Tuesday, September 06, 2022

A cutting-edge radiology center in New Jersey is thrilled to announce its official opening this month, marking a new era in medical diagnostic imaging. The state-of-the-art ImageCare Radiology facility in Jefferson, launched on September 1, 2022, is set to revolutionize the patient experience with the most advanced diagnostic imaging technology available.

Distinguished by its innovative approach, the center proudly introduces 10-minute 3T MRI scans as part of its initial services. This groundbreaking offering provides patients with the fastest medical scans on the market, surpassing anything previously available. The team at ImageCare Radiology is excited to provide this exceptional service, which is especially beneficial for children, claustrophobic individuals, and those living with disabilities. The expedited 3T scans offer detailed and advanced image quality while significantly reducing scan time, enhancing patient comfort and overall experience.

Dr. Clay Hinrichs, President of ImageCare Radiology, emphasizes the significance of this development: "The introduction of 10-minute MRI scans will be groundbreaking. Our patients will not only receive top-notch service and advanced diagnostic imaging, but they will also benefit from the fastest 3T scans available. This is particularly advantageous for individuals who have previously avoided scans due to anxiety about enclosed spaces or the need to remain still for extended periods. Now, they can undergo accurate imaging within a shorter timeframe."

In addition to the remarkable 3T MRI scans, ImageCare Radiology offers Siemens PET/CT Scans with the highest resolution, sedation services administered by anesthesiologists for all modalities, and Nuclear Medicine services encompassing bone scans, thyroid function tests, HIDA scans, renal scans, and tumor workups. Furthermore, the center plans to introduce an interventional suite, providing cost-effective outpatient solutions for procedures such as nephrostomy tubes, peripheral vascular studies, MediPorts for cancer therapy, tumor embolizations, and vertebroplasty for spinal fractures.

Dr. Hinrichs assures that while the services will be launched gradually, the patient experience will be enhanced from the very first day of operation. He further reveals the center's future plans, stating, "Following the initial launch of our 10-minute 3T MRI scans, we will also offer mammography, ultrasound with Echocardiography, and X-rays. We will proudly feature 'PINK Better Mammo' mammograms with Artificial Intelligence, the first FDA-approved AI Technology for improved breast cancer detection. Additionally, we are excited about the forthcoming opening of CT/PET scanners and the availability of sedation for all our services by the end of summer."

ImageCare Radiology is committed to delivering exceptional patient care, employing advanced technology, and continuously expanding its services to meet the diverse needs of its community.

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