PicnicHealth Launches New Product, Pulse, to Simplify Observational Research

Wednesday, June 05, 2024

PicnicHealth launched Pulse, its latest product, to simplify observational research in the life sciences sector.

Pulse directly engages consenting patients, providing a single platform for accessing longitudinal medical records and collecting study data efficiently.

This approach cuts through traditional research burdens, enabling life sciences companies to reach study endpoints faster and with increased transparency.

Pulse's potential to enhance evidence generation by facilitating comprehensive data collection and encouraging patient participation.

The platform's proprietary AI enables rapid access and synthesis of patient records nationwide, benefiting sponsors with real-time study monitoring and patients with direct engagement and access to their medical history.

Innovation in observational research, noting Pulse's ability to deliver high-quality data and insights without traditional inefficiencies.

Studies conducted through Pulse have shown high patient engagement and minimal attrition rates, showcasing PicnicHealth's expertise and technology leadership in the industry.






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