Passio Pump Drainage System by Bearpac Medical Now Indicated for Peritoneal Use

Thursday, December 07, 2023

Bearpac Medical, LLC is excited to share that it has received FDA 510(k) clearance for the extended use of the Passio Pump Drainage System. The Passio Pump is now approved for peritoneal applications, offering therapeutic solutions for both malignant ascites and recurrent pleural effusions. The complete Passio Pump Drainage System includes the Passio Catheter, a Handheld Control Unit (pump), and a Disposable Collection Kit with an accompanying redressing kit. 

This comprehensive system facilitates the drainage of recurrent and symptomatic malignant ascites, as well as recurrent and symptomatic pleural effusions. By connecting the Passio pump to an implanted Passio catheter using the disposable collection kit, users can activate the pump to initiate fluid evacuation into the collection bag.

The Passio catheter is exclusively designed for seamless compatibility with the Passio collection system, ensuring superior flow control throughout the therapy at lower vacuum pressures compared to other devices available in the market.


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