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Paragonix and Top Medical Center Debut BAROguard Donor Lung Preservation System in Human Trials

Saturday, November 18, 2023

Paragonix Technologies has achieved a groundbreaking milestone in organ transplant technologies with the successful implementation of the world's first human case utilizing their latest donor lung preservation innovation, the BAROguard™ Donor Lung Preservation System. Having obtained FDA 510(k) clearance, the BAROguard™ System actively preserved and monitored donor lungs for over 6 hours during transportation, ultimately facilitating a life-saving transplant.

Expanding on Paragonix's established legacy in cardiothoracic and abdominal preservation technologies, the BAROguard system stands out as the first commercially available hypothermic preservation system designed to automatically regulate the airway pressure of donor lungs when outside the body during preservation and transport.

This innovative technology mitigates traditional risks associated with transport by consistently maintaining optimal temperature and adhering to clinically recommended inflation pressure ranges. Transmitting real-time temperature and airway pressure data to transplant teams provides comprehensive insight into the conditions of the lungs during transport to the recipient. This significant achievement underscores the BAROguard System's potential to transform lung preservation and transport methodologies.


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