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Paradigm and Bristol Myers Squibb Team Up to Forge a Trailblazing Path in Clinical Trial Models

Saturday, October 07, 2023

Paradigm has just announced a strategic partnership with Bristol Myers Squibb that aims to revolutionize the landscape of clinical trials. Their collaborative effort seeks to create a comprehensive end-to-end clinical trial operational framework that spans everything from trial design and patient recruitment to data collection. Initially, this partnership will focus on oncology but is set to expand to cover various therapeutic domains.

In this collaboration, Paradigm will utilize its extensive Paradigm Network, comprising a diverse range of health systems, where Paradigm's software is already streamlining clinical trial recruitment and operational processes. Bristol Myers Squibb intends to tap into this network to enroll patients seamlessly from various healthcare providers within the Paradigm Network.

Traditional administrative challenges associated with running clinical trials have often led to limited accessibility and uneven patient enrollment. Presently, less than five percent of cancer patients participate in clinical trials during their treatment journeys. This sluggish process delays the introduction of new treatments to the market and denies millions of individuals the opportunity to benefit from clinical trials.

In response to this challenge, Paradigm has committed to establish an entirely fresh clinical trial operational ecosystem. In collaboration with Bristol Myers Squibb, the organizations will tailor trial protocols to align with the practical constraints of community healthcare provider organizations. Notably, Paradigm initially introduced its clinical trial software platform to community healthcare providers, who play a pivotal role in caring for cancer patients and individuals with other serious conditions. These providers serve patient populations that closely mirror the overall demographics of the United States. this effort has empowered patients with clinical trial options as part of their care while reducing the workload of healthcare staff involved in the trials.



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