PainTEQ Introduces Innovative Surgical Instruments for the Posterior Approach, Incorporating LinQ Technology

Thursday, September 07, 2023

PainTEQ, a renowned pioneer in the realm of minimally invasive treatments for sacroiliac (SI) joint dysfunction, has introduced its latest Surgical Instrument Set, representing a significant stride forward in SI joint fusion surgery. This third-generation set of surgical instruments, tailored for the PainTEQ LinQ procedure, includes disposable, surgery-ready tools, providing a more secure and cost-effective alternative for interventional pain specialists.

PainTEQ's LinQ system has long been considered the industry benchmark for posterior sacroiliac joint fusion systems due to its exceptional effectiveness and streamlined design. The introduction of surgery-ready instruments marks a momentous development, making the procedure more accessible and efficient.

The surgery-ready instruments have undergone a thorough redesign process, focusing on enhancing efficiency and adopting more sustainable manufacturing practices, in line with our commitment to environmentally friendly production methods and materials.

These instruments boast several noteworthy improvements, including the LinQ Tissue Dilator, featuring a rounded and tapered tip that facilitates smoother tissue traversal while minimizing damage and bleeding. Furthermore, the redesigned Decorticator introduces an innovative lever-action removal system, replacing the conventional slap hammer.

PainTEQ continues to elevate its already outstanding implants and instrumentation with this new generation of sterile surgery-ready instrument kits. These enhancements not only bolster the safety and efficiency of the LinQ procedure but also underscore our dedication to sustainable healthcare practices. We deeply value PainTEQ's receptiveness to feedback from physicians, and this new design ensures the elimination of misalignment across all instruments, further enhancing safety and efficiency.

The release of our surgery-ready instruments stands as a testament to our ongoing commitment to innovation in the SI joint dysfunction field. PainTEQ's LinQ implant is designed to deliver immediate clinical benefits to individuals grappling with debilitating lower back pain, offering a minimally invasive outpatient solution.



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