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Ossium Health, Extremity Medical Partner for Nationwide OssiGraft Distribution

Thursday, February 01, 2024

Ossium Health® and Extremity Medical have joined forces to introduce a pioneering solution in orthopedic surgery. Their collaboration brings forth OssiGraftTM, an innovative viable bone matrix (VBM) allograft derived from the vertebral bones of organ donors. Unlike traditional bone allografts, OssiGraftTM is sourced from a younger donor demographic, enhancing its potential for optimal bone healing in orthopedic procedures.

The partnership between Ossium Health® and Extremity Medical signifies a merging of expertise in cellular therapeutics and orthopedic device development. Ossium Health® employs stringent donor selection criteria, ensuring that donors meet the standards for both cell therapies and tissue products. Moreover, the company upholds rigorous screening, testing, and processing protocols to ensure the quality and safety of OssiGraftTM, exceeding regulatory requirements.

Extremity Medical has reported successful outcomes from initial cases using OssiGraftTM, demonstrating its readiness for deployment to orthopedic surgeons nationwide. Through Extremity Medical's distribution network, surgeons gain access to this advanced solution for reconstructing and repairing musculoskeletal defects and injuries.

The collaboration between Ossium Health® and Extremity Medical represents a significant advancement in orthopedic care, highlighting the potential for combining cellular therapeutics with orthopedic devices to improve patient outcomes.


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