OSF HealthCare is enhancing patient access to an innovative AI diagnostic system

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Digital Diagnostics, a leading player in AI diagnostic healthcare, is making its flagship product, LumineticsCore™ (formerly IDx-DR), more accessible for diabetes patients under the care of OSF HealthCare. LumineticsCore is an FDA-cleared autonomous AI platform designed to identify diabetic retinopathy by analyzing retinal images for signs of the disease during a patient's visit, eliminating the need for a specialist to interpret the images.

Initially introduced at eight OSF HealthCare sites, where it has been operational for a year, LumineticsCore's success has led to its expansion to an additional 24 sites, where it has been in use for nine months. Through LumineticsCore, OSF HealthCare has identified diabetic retinopathy in 25% of nearly 1,500 diabetes patients. Many of these individuals may not have undergone DR testing without this convenient access to the exam, as diabetic retinopathy is the leading cause of adult blindness in the United States.

Digital Diagnostics is committed to providing high-quality AI diagnostics at the point of care, beginning with diabetic retinal exams, with the goal of preventing vision loss and blindness in individuals with diabetes. Sean Murnane, Senior Vice President of Commercial at Digital Diagnostics, emphasized that the partnership with OSF HealthCare is having a positive impact on patients' lives and aligns with their mission to enhance patient outcomes by offering LumineticsCore in a familiar healthcare setting.

OSF HealthCare, with nearly 66,000 diabetes patients, is dedicated to innovation and improving access to advanced diagnostics. According to Mark Meeker, DO, Vice President of Community Medicine for OSF HealthCare, collaborating with Digital Diagnostics enables the organization to offer a broader range of services to patients and empowers clinicians to help patients prevent disease progression through early detection and prevention, rather than just treatment.



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