Oroville Hospital and CliniComp Deepen Collaboration to Enhance Continuum of Care

Thursday, June 22, 2023

Oroville Hospital and CliniComp have announced an expanded partnership that goes beyond Perinatal areas to now include Critical Care and high acuity Medical/Surgical units. CliniComp, a renowned provider of reliable electronic health record (EHR) solutions, will offer Oroville Hospital a scalable and adaptable system that enhances data presentation, optimizes workflows, and improves coordinated care.

The decision to choose CliniComp for additional EHR solutions was driven by their ability to provide a seamless workflow, quick implementation, and cost-effectiveness. The integration of CliniComp's system with medical devices will enable clinicians to focus more on patient care by automating tasks and improving efficiency. Oroville Hospital is confident in CliniComp's commitment to delivering results, which aligns with their goals and objectives.

CliniComp is excited about deepening their partnership with Oroville Hospital, offering solutions designed to streamline workflows and present real-time data from various systems. Their modern architecture ensures scalability, allowing Oroville Hospital to meet the changing needs of staff and patients effectively.

By leveraging interoperability standards, the CliniComp system breaks down data barriers and provides a comprehensive view of individual patients and patient populations across the healthcare enterprise. This integrated data facilitates actionable alerts, improved patient population management, and real-time analytics for clinical decision support, quality enhancements, and system-wide benchmarking.



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