Oneview Healthcare Debuts Cutting-Edge Product Enhancement Spotlighting a Fresh Virtual Care API Integration

Friday, November 10, 2023

Oneview Healthcare, a leading provider of patient experience solutions, is excited to announce the latest update to their Care Experience Platform (CXP). This release includes the introduction of the innovative Virtual Care API, certification for Caregility, and various enhancements. Given the current challenges in healthcare staffing, there is a significant opportunity for technology to play a crucial role in supporting innovative care models.

A recent survey by AMH Healthcare revealed that Registered Nurses in the United States are experiencing a decline in career satisfaction, reaching the lowest point in a decade. Additionally, 30% of nurses surveyed expressed their intention to leave the profession due to the challenges posed by the pandemic. The newly unveiled Virtual Care API allows customers to utilize the Oneview patient television for inpatient virtual care, covering virtual observation and nursing. The interoperability with leading virtual care platforms empowers customers to choose the most suitable solution for their unique requirements.

Facilitating remote communication with patients, the Virtual Care API enables virtual nurses to assist their on-floor colleagues in addressing non-physical care needs such as admission interviews, patient education, and discharge preparation. By delegating these aspects of patient care, on-floor nurses can concentrate on hands-on physical care and the nurturing aspects that require face-to-face interactions. In addition to the Virtual Care API, the update includes the certification of Caregility's Care 2.0 platform with Oneview, multi-lingual support for all patients in Oneview's Cloud Start offering, and usability enhancements for the digital meal ordering app. These improvements are strategically implemented to enhance the overall care experience for patients, families, and care teams during their hospital stays.


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