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OMNIVISION Unveils Latest OVMed® Image Signal Processor Catering to 2MP Medical Endoscope Cameras

Monday, November 13, 2023

OMNIVISION, a prominent global developer specializing in semiconductor solutions encompassing advanced digital imaging, analog, and touch & display technology, has recently announced its cutting-edge OVMed® OH0131 image signal processor (ISP). This solution is designed for seamless integration with both reusable and disposable endoscopes, establishing connections to handheld tablet consoles or camera control units (CCUs). The OH0131 is compatible with various OMNIVISION medical image sensors with resolutions up to 2 megapixels, including well-known models like OCHTA, OVM6946, OCHFA, OCHSA, and OCH2B imagers. This ISP is engineered to streamline the development process for medical Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), enabling quicker product launches.

The OH0131 ISP, functioning as an Application-Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) system-on-chip (SoC), prioritizes top-notch image quality, reliability, and cost-effectiveness. It offers compatibility with all OMNIVISION medical imagers up to 2MP resolution, supporting the proprietary AntLinx™ CMOS chip-on-tip endoscopy imaging interface and MIPI interfaces. Serving as a versatile kernel board, the OH0131 seamlessly integrates with MIPI-input post-processing boards. This allows for customization, facilitating the construction of custom CCUs or handheld tablet consoles utilizing SoC, FPGA, or x86 platforms.

The OH0131 kernel incorporates state-of-the-art image pre-processing algorithms, facilitating adjustments for brightness, contrast, saturation, sharpness, hue, white balance, and gamma. Additionally, advanced noise reduction enhances the overall image quality. Post-processing capabilities by third-party partners using SoC or FPGA extend to include features such as LED drivers, patient isolation, high dynamic range, image rotation, image mask/onscreen display, H.264 compression, high-definition multimedia interface, and Wi-Fi output. The OVMed® OH0131 is currently available, and OMNIVISION has outlined plans to subject the ISP to IEC 60601 EMC and EMI pre-scan testing.


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