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ObservSMART and Praesum Healthcare Forge Strategic Partnership

Monday, June 19, 2023

ObservSMART, a proximity-based patient rounding solution, has announced a strategic partnership with Praesum Healthcare. The collaboration aims to ensure safety in treatment centers across five states: Florida, Georgia, New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts. Praesum Healthcare, a leading provider of behavioral health treatment services, has integrated ObservSMART's technology into their facilities to enhance the safety and quality of care for individuals with mental health and substance use disorders.

Praesum Healthcare is committed to patient safety and continuously seeks innovative technologies like ObservSMART to improve their services. Their Sunrise Detox Center, Evolve Recovery Center, and The Counseling Centers reflect their dedication to providing high-quality care.

ObservSMART is a safety solution that utilizes a patented, tamper-resistant wearable device and a staff tablet. It leverages Bluetooth technology to validate necessary patient observations. The technology is specifically designed to cater to patient populations with higher acuity, requiring frequent monitoring and quality measurement. It aligns perfectly with Praesum's goals of delivering exceptional care and adhering to existing standards.

The ObservSMART App plays a crucial role in the partnership by sending notifications to staff members, reminding them to check on patients and alerting supervisors if any observations are missed. This timely communication ensures that potential risks can be addressed promptly. Additionally, the app's 1:1 feature guarantees that patients with higher care needs always have a staff member in close proximity.

The collaboration between ObservSMART and Praesum Healthcare signifies a significant step forward in enhancing patient safety and underscores their shared commitment to delivering excellence in healthcare.



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