ObjectiveHealth Unveils ObjectiveScreen: An Innovative Feasibility and Recruitment Platform Utilizing Artificial Intelligence to Maximize Clinical Trial Performance

Thursday, June 08, 2023

ObjectiveHealth, a Nashville-based integrated research and technology platform company, has unveiled ObjectiveScreen, a state-of-the-art feasibility and recruitment platform powered by artificial intelligence (AI). The platform aims to optimize clinical trial performance and outcomes by streamlining patient identification, prequalification, and retention processes.

ObjectiveScreen utilizes ObjectiveHealth's proprietary AI and machine learning algorithms, hosted on a cloud-based infrastructure. One of the key features of the platform is its ability to connect clinical trial sites directly with patients' electronic health records (EHRs). By leveraging real-time data from EHRs, ObjectiveScreen can stratify patient health risks based on evidence-based physiological and molecular biomarkers. This enables users to identify the most suitable candidates for specific clinical trials efficiently.

According to Colleen Hoke, co-founder and CEO of ObjectiveHealth, the platform's innovative data curation and matching technology provide physicians with actionable insights, significantly accelerating the patient recruitment process. By expediting the enrollment of qualified patients, ObjectiveScreen aims to shorten clinical trial timelines, facilitate faster approvals of new treatments, and ultimately improve health outcomes.

ObjectiveScreen also offers time-saving benefits for clinical sites by automating the analysis of candidate records. Each time an EHR is linked, the platform's advanced algorithms analyze the health data and update the clinical knowledge base accordingly. This automated process effectively qualifies patients for specific trials, reducing administrative burdens and improving efficiency.

In addition to EHR analysis, ObjectiveScreen has the capability to incorporate other patient data, including risk factors and demographic information like age, gender, ethnicity, and socioeconomic status. By leveraging this broader dataset, the platform significantly expands the pool of potential candidates. As a result, users can recruit up to three times as many qualified candidates and expedite enrollment by six to eight weeks.

ObjectiveScreen also aims to enhance patient engagement by simplifying appointment scheduling and communication. Through integration with healthcare providers' scheduling applications, users can efficiently arrange prescreen visits. The platform includes texting and calling capabilities, enabling clinical trial sites to communicate directly with patients regarding appointment reminders and rescheduling options. Additionally, ObjectiveScreen allows for continuous patient monitoring across multiple visits and recommends new studies for patients who did not qualify for previous trials.

ObjectiveScreen represents ObjectiveHealth's latest innovation in leveraging AI and machine learning technology to transform clinical trials. The company recently introduced ObjectiveView, a portal that provides clinical trial sponsors with unprecedented visibility into study and site-specific quality performance metrics. By accessing comprehensive metrics such as completed chart reviews, patient demographics, exclusion reasons, eligibility metrics, and the number of patients ready for screening visits, sponsors can closely monitor enrollment and participation progress to ensure targets are met.

To learn more about ObjectiveScreen, please visit the official ObjectiveHealth website at


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