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Introducing the Nikon ECLIPSE Ui Upright Microscope

Friday, June 16, 2023

Nikon Instruments Inc. has recently unveiled the ECLIPSE Ui, an innovative upright microscope system designed to revolutionize clinical pathology and remote pathological observation. With the ECLIPSE Ui, Nikon aims to provide a user-friendly and comfortable experience for pathologists, eliminating the need for traditional eyepieces.

The ECLIPSE Ui introduces a completely digital user interface, allowing for effortless image viewing and sharing. This groundbreaking design not only simplifies microscope operation but also reduces physical strain by promoting a natural posture during prolonged observation sessions.

Initially launched in Japan, the ECLIPSE Ui is set to expand its availability to the United States and Europe, where it will enhance the workflow of pathological observation and support pathologists in their day-to-day activities.

Key Features:
*Enhanced image observation and real-time sharing through an optimized digital design that eliminates the need for eyepieces.
*Streamlined operation, including easy slide loading and rapid autofocus capabilities (approximately 2.5 seconds).
*Macro image capture enables the marking of regions of interest, facilitating detailed micro-level observations.
*Simultaneous display of macro and micro images provides spatial context and efficient specimen navigation.
*Intuitive functions catered to pathologists' routine needs, such as one-click recall and distance measurement.
*Remote collaboration capabilities allow for real-time image sharing and remote control access for collaborating physicians.

The ECLIPSE Ui represents Nikon's commitment to advancing the field of clinical pathology by providing a modern and comprehensive solution. By prioritizing user comfort, collaboration, and operational efficiency, this microscope system aims to support pathologists in their demanding roles and contribute to improved patient care.


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