NextGen Healthcare Expands NextGen® Ambient Assist and Introduces NextGen® Office Ambient Assist for Small Practices

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

NextGen Healthcare has expanded its AI-driven ambient listening technology to benefit more healthcare providers than ever before.

They've introduced NextGen® Ambient Assist for mid-sized and large enterprises, and NextGen® Office Ambient Assist tailored for small practices. This advancement makes NextGen Ambient Assist the first integrated solution to support AI-driven diagnosis code assistance and order management.

The technology now includes Spanish language capabilities and specialty-specific models for fields such as psychiatry, cardiology, pediatrics, and primary care.

CEO of NextGen Healthcare, emphasized the transformative impact of this technology on healthcare efficiency, citing significant time savings for providers.

The introduction of NextGen Office Ambient Assist extends these benefits to small practices, enhancing documentation ease and patient interaction, even offering bilingual support.

Healthcare professionals have responded positively to these advancements, noting improved workflow efficiency and seamless integration with electronic health records.

NextGen Ambient Assist operates through the NextGen® Mobile application, facilitating real-time transcription of patient-provider conversations and rapid summarization of encounters.

Providers can review and edit generated visit notes directly from their mobile devices before securely integrating them into the NextGen Enterprise EHR.

NextGen Healthcare plans to continue enhancing Ambient Assist based on feedback from healthcare providers, demonstrating their commitment to leveraging AI for better healthcare outcomes.






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