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NextFab Ventures invests in QVNTRA'S passive monitoring solution for senior living facilities

Thursday, September 01, 2022

With the aging population in the United States on the rise, senior living facilities are facing a significant challenge in staffing. The need to monitor the wellness and safety of residents round the clock is a top priority, but care professionals lack the tools for real-time monitoring of falls, incontinence, and infection. Previous attempts by companies to provide solutions through wearable devices have been met with reluctance from elderly individuals who either dislike wearing them, forget to wear them, or forget to charge them.

To address this issue, QVNTRA has developed a system that utilizes advanced contactless sensors to monitor residents' health and facility operations. The goal is to empower care professionals by enabling continuous monitoring of residents, allowing staff to be virtually present everywhere at once. QVNTRA has partnered with NextFab Ventures to facilitate a smooth transition to pilot production of their bed sensor and establish a scalable manufacturing infrastructure to meet demand.

Thyge Knuhtsen, Co-founder of QVNTRA, expressed excitement about collaborating with NextFab to enhance their manufacturing capabilities for the bed sensor and take the necessary steps to bring their incontinence sensor to market.

What sets QVNTRA apart from its competitors is its approach that does not rely on cameras and microphones. Instead, the company utilizes ambient features such as vibration for the bed sensor and moisture for the incontinence sensor. NextFab's in-house product development team is actively involved in transforming QVNTRA's bed sensor from a prototype to a production-ready device.

Matt Bell, Director of Product Development at NextFab, emphasized their previous experience in this process and their commitment to applying that expertise to expedite the deployment of these impactful devices efficiently.

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