NeuroSolv Therapeutics Teams Up With AscellaHealth to Create Breakthrough Therapy for Spinal Cord Injury

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

NeuroSolv Therapeutics and AscellaHealth have partnered to accelerate the development of a groundbreaking therapy called PerinelineTM for spinal cord injuries. The collaboration aims to expand the clinical trial development program and streamline regulatory approval processes, maximizing the potential for bringing PerinelineTM to the market.

Preliminary results from pre-clinical trials conducted by NeuroSolv Therapeutics indicate that PerinelineTM shows promise in improving mobility and can be utilized for both chronic and acute spinal cord injury cases. This non-surgical medical therapy has already obtained Orphan Designation from the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and operates on a proposed mechanism of action that enhances neuroplasticity and neuroregeneration.

PerinelineTM temporarily removes the protective perineuronal net covering spinal cord neurons, facilitating the creation of new synapses. In conjunction with rehabilitation techniques, this process promotes the formation of new connections, enabling functional recovery. Additionally, the treatment addresses signal-blocking glial scars on the surface of spinal cord neurons, allowing for the establishment of new synapses. This represents a significant advancement in spinal cord injury therapy, potentially benefiting both acute and chronic patients, even years after their initial injury. Importantly, the therapy consists of two parts—an oral medication combined with neural signaling interventions—which are well-tolerated and do not require injections, surgery, or implants.

Clinical trials for PerinelineTM are forthcoming, and if regulatory approval is obtained, it has the potential to treat up to two million individuals worldwide who are affected by spinal cord injuries. Globally, it is estimated that between 250,000 and 500,000 people are diagnosed with or experience spinal cord injuries each year, with approximately 50,000 individuals in the UK living with life-altering spinal cord injuries, according to the Spinal Injury Association.

Spinal cord injuries have substantial economic implications for patients, families, and governments, with lifetime medical and care costs reaching approximately $8 million per case.

The development team behind PerinelineTM aims to raise awareness about its significant impact on the lives of spinal cord injury patients, attracting interest from investors, patients, and other stakeholders to advance the therapy to the clinical trial stage. They are actively seeking partnerships with spinal cord injury associations and sports injury organizations to promote the latest advancements in treatment. The recent Orphan Designation from the EMA will expedite regulatory processes across Europe, the USA, UK, and Japan, facilitating swift market authorization and ensuring patient access to this potentially life-changing treatment.



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