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NantWorks AirStrip® and GE Healthcare Enter Agreement to Bring Integrated Patient Monitoring and Cardiac Data Visualization to Healthcare Systems

Tuesday, December 05, 2023

GE HealthCare, a global leader in medical technology and digital solutions, and AirStrip, a clinical surveillance technology company within the Nantworks group, announced a collaborative agreement. Under this exclusive collaboration, GE HealthCare will serve as the sole distributor of AirStrip's Cardiology and Patient Monitoring solutions across the United States. This partnership integrates GE HealthCare's state-of-the-art ECG, cardiac output, and patient monitoring products with AirStrip's advanced data visualization and monitoring capabilities, all accessible through mobile devices and the web.

AirStrip's proprietary mobile application offers clinicians seamless access to critical clinical data, including cardiac rhythm strips and 12-lead ECGs, with a single touch. This collaborative solution facilitates remote collaboration, enabling clinicians to efficiently review patient data from a distance and prioritize multiple patients on a single screen. The objective of this partnership is to enhance clinical staff productivity, collaboration, and communication, providing a comprehensive solution to address challenges related to staffing shortages and clinical burnout.

As part of this initiative, healthcare systems can engage with GE HealthCare's Outcomes Delivery Team for program management support during clinical and technical implementation. The Outcomes Delivery Team also assists in establishing performance benchmarks and evaluating results, contributing to the ongoing success of the partnership. The joint distribution of GE HealthCare and AirStrip's Cardiology and Patient Monitoring solutions is currently available in the U.S.


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