Medigene AG Presents Systematic and Sequential, End-To-End Platform Approach to Optimize TCR-T Therapy Development

Wednesday, April 05, 2023

Medigene AG is a pioneering immuno-oncology platform company dedicated to advancing T cell immunotherapies for the treatment of solid tumors. Prof. Dr. Dolores Schendel, Chief Scientific Officer of Medigene, has been invited to deliver a presentation at the esteemed 4th TCR-based Therapies for Solid Tumors Summit in Boston on April 4, 2023. Her talk, titled "Case Study Spotlight: Driving Innovation at Every Stage of TCR Therapy Development," will shed light on Medigene's comprehensive platform for the development and optimization of T cell receptor (TCR) therapies targeting solid tumors.

Prof. Schendel will unveil Medigene's cutting-edge platform, which incorporates a range of proprietary tools that can be combined to optimize development processes and enhance product efficacy. These tools serve as the building blocks for developing superior TCR-engineered T cell (TCR-T) therapies designed specifically for the treatment of solid tumors.

"Our profound understanding of the natural mechanisms governing T cell recognition and function in the human body, refined over millions of years, forms the ideal foundation for our modifications aimed at enhancing anti-tumor activity while ensuring utmost safety. We follow a rigorous, systematic approach to continually improve our TCRs and eventual TCR-T therapies, leveraging multiple stages of the discovery and development process. Our pursuit of excellence sets a high standard for these potential advancements, instilling in us the confidence to create best-in-class TCR-T therapies for patients with solid cancers," explains Dolores Schendel, Chief Scientific Officer of Medigene. "Our meticulously crafted platform has evolved through an innovative, step-by-step process, with the regular integration of new technologies and upcoming additions on the horizon."

During the presentation, Prof. Schendel will delve into Medigene's development optimization tools, which streamline discovery and development processes, driving faster, more cost-effective, and efficient outcomes. Additionally, she will highlight the company's product enhancement tools that have the potential to heighten the efficacy and safety of TCR-T therapies.

Among Medigene's development optimization tools is the proprietary bioinformatic tool called EXPItope-M. This tool enables the identification of suitable and specific TCR targets, ensuring binding occurs exclusively to cancer cells, thereby enhancing safety and reducing the risk of "off-target" side effects. Another tool, JOVI Tag, offers standardized enrichment and tracking technology, enabling the selection of safer TCRs through high-throughput screening in the discovery and development process.

Medigene's product enhancement tools are designed to bolster the efficacy and safety of TCR-T therapies. The Allo-HLA TCR priming technology increases TCR sensitivity and safety, while the Precision Pairing tool within TCRs enhances functional activity. The company's inducible iM-TCR tool allows for the activation and deactivation of the TCR, thus maximizing efficacy and safety as needed. Furthermore, the PD1-41BB switch receptor empowers TCR-T cells to overcome the numerous challenges posed by the immunosuppressive tumor microenvironment, leading to improved efficacy and sustained immune responses.

In summary, Medigene's presentation will shed light on their platform's ability to drive innovation at each step of TCR therapy development. Their comprehensive toolkit, comprising both development optimization and product enhancement tools, positions Medigene as a leader in the development of superior TCR-T therapies for the treatment of solid tumors.



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