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Medable and Pluto Health Forge a Synergy to Elevate Patient Engagement and Simplify Entry to Clinical Trials

Wednesday, October 04, 2023

Medable , a prominent technology provider specializing in modern clinical trials, has recently announced a strategic enterprise partnership with Pluto Health, an innovative company offering smart care coordination services. This collaboration marks the convergence of two industry leaders: Pluto Health's robust health coordination platform and Medable's cutting-edge digitally-enabled clinical trials platform. Their collective mission is to bring about significant changes in the clinical development landscape, enhancing access to clinical research and elevating the quality of data.

A pivotal aspect of this partnership is the transformative effect it will have on the patient experience. Patients will enjoy greater control and the ability to seamlessly contribute their health data directly into clinical trials. This integration promises to expedite patient recruitment and retention, effectively addressing challenges posed by increasingly complex trial protocols, stringent inclusion/exclusion criteria, and manual data collection.

The overarching objective is to tackle long-standing issues related to sluggish and costly clinical trials, which often hinder patient access to potentially life-saving treatments. Through the synergistic efforts of Medable and Pluto Health, enrollment processes will be streamlined, patient engagement will be enhanced throughout their healthcare journey, clinical research sites will benefit from data-driven screening processes, and trial sponsors will execute studies with improved cost efficiency and speed.

Beyond patient enrollment, this partnership will facilitate improved access to pertinent patient information and bolster data quality. Furthermore, it will support seamless, long-term post-trial follow-up with patients. Additionally, patients will have the option to receive real-time notifications about upcoming clinical trial opportunities that align with their medical needs.

In essence, the Medable-Pluto Health partnership is dedicated to guiding patients toward a path to superior healthcare, dismantling barriers to participation in clinical research, and advancing the efficiency and effectiveness of clinical trials.



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