Medable and Masimo Collaborate to Integrate High-Quality Wearable Devices into Clinical Research, Facilitating Comprehensive Data Capture

Thursday, May 30, 2024

Medable, a leader in modern clinical trial technology, has partnered with Masimo, a respected provider of medical-grade wearable devices, to enhance clinical research.

Masimo's pulse oximeter technology, trusted by clinicians for over 25 years to monitor millions of patients annually, is now integrated into Medable's platform for eight major clinical trials across 25 countries.

These trials, focusing on lung and breast cancer, involve over 3,000 patients and aim to alleviate the burden of frequent site visits for participants.

By incorporating Masimo's MightySat® Rx pulse oximeter, Medable enables remote data collection, allowing patients to participate in trials without compromising accuracy or quality.

This partnership not only facilitates subjective data capture through Medable's eCOA+ solution but also integrates objective data from Masimo's sensors for comprehensive analysis.

Chief Medical Officer at Masimo, praises Medable's commitment to transforming research and improving patient access to trials. He emphasizes the importance of accuracy and data quality, which Medable ensures through its platform's scalability and integration capabilities.

Medable chose Masimo for its reputation and Signal Extraction Technology®, which ensures accurate readings even under challenging conditions like patient motion or low perfusion.

Medable's Vice President of Digital Outcomes and TA Strategy, highlights Masimo's sensitivity and user-friendly design, particularly beneficial for patients with serious conditions like cancer.

Currently, 20% of trials using Medable's platform include wearable devices, with 35% focused on oncology. Medable's track record includes deploying its platform in over 300 decentralized and hybrid trials across 60 countries, benefiting over a million patients.

These trials have demonstrated significant improvements in enrollment speed and cost reduction.




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