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Mammotome Introduces HydroMARK™ Plus: A Cutting-Edge Advancement in Breast Biopsy Markers

Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Mammotome has unveiled a groundbreaking addition to its range of breast biopsy markers with the introduction of the HydroMARK™ Plus. This innovative marker is designed to enhance visibility during ultrasound examinations, simplify the localization process, and reduce the risk of displacement during surgical procedures. Building upon the success of the HydroMARK™ marker series, which incorporates proprietary hydrogel technology, the HydroMARK™ Plus offers a range of unique benefits. The hydrogel-based carrier can expand to over 200% of its original size and becomes distinctly anechoic within 24 hours, maintaining visibility for up to 12 months, even in cases involving neoadjuvant chemotherapy (NACT).

The HydroMARK™ Plus introduces a new design element with an external section, distinct from previous models, aimed at enhancing visibility and simplifying ultrasonic localization, distinguishing it from its predecessors. Its distinctive 'dragonfly' shape includes extensions designed to anchor the marker to the tissue, thereby reducing the risk of displacement during surgical excisions and assisting surgeons in achieving their procedural goals. By significantly improving visibility during placement and increasing surgical efficiency, the HydroMARK™ Plus Marker is poised to offer advantages to radiologists, surgeons, and their patients alike. The anticipated timeline includes availability for U.S. clinicians by the end of 2023, with plans for subsequent expansion into the Canadian market and other international regions.



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