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Lucira Health Launches Lucira Connect, a Free Test-to-Treat Telehealth Service for Covid-19 or Flu in Canada

Thursday, January 05, 2023

Lucira Health, Inc., a medical technology company, has announced the launch of Lucira Connect, a new virtual care program in Canada. Lucira Connect enables users of Lucira's testing kits to conduct tests, access information about treatment options, consult with healthcare professionals through telehealth services, and, if necessary, receive prescriptions from the comfort of their homes. The program is currently available in British Columbia, Ontario, and Alberta, with plans for future expansion.

Lucira Connect is a user-friendly web-based platform accessible at It begins with the self-administration of Lucira's at-home molecular COVID-19 & Flu test, which provides PCR-quality results with 99% accuracy in less than 30 minutes. Users can conveniently capture their test results using their smartphones. If the test indicates a positive result for COVID-19 or Flu, users will have the option to access a virtual telehealth consultation with an independent medical professional at no additional cost. During the consultation, users can discuss their risk factors and explore appropriate treatment options.

Erik Engelson, President and CEO of Lucira Health, emphasized the importance of rapid care from diagnosis to treatment in managing personal and family health, as well as in reducing the spread of COVID-19 and Flu. Engelson stated that Lucira has been dedicated to revolutionizing the testing industry by offering accurate and accessible healthcare from the safety and convenience of home. The Lucira Connect program aims to provide a quick and straightforward approach to determine COVID-19 or Flu status, obtain relevant information, and access appropriate treatment if prescribed by a medical professional. Lucira's partnerships, such as the one with Medi-Call, facilitate the connection of individuals who test positive on the Lucira COVID-19 & Flu test with primary care teams to discuss suitable treatment options.

Marshall Gunter, CEO of Medi-Call, expressed excitement about the collaboration with Lucira and the opportunity to provide accessible healthcare to all Canadians. Gunter highlighted Lucira's innovative technology, which enables users to ascertain their COVID-19 or Flu status with PCR-quality results at home. Being part of the Lucira Connect platform expands Medi-Call's reach to more potential patients and businesses, aligning with their goal of growing healthcare initiatives and developing new business opportunities in the expanded provinces.

The launch of Lucira Connect in Canada signifies a significant step forward in accessible and convenient healthcare, offering individuals a streamlined approach to testing, information, and treatment options for COVID-19 and Flu infections.

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