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Leal Health Unveils Unique Platform Enabling Oncologists to Find Personalized Clinical Trial Matches for Patients

Thursday, June 01, 2023

Leal Health, formerly known as Trialjectory, has recently launched its proprietary platform to assist oncologists in finding personalized clinical trial matches for their patients. This platform aims to streamline the process of identifying suitable clinical trials, reducing the reliance on unstructured data and accelerating patient treatment identification and enrollment in clinical trials. By leveraging artificial intelligence (AI), Leal Health's platform provides oncologists with instant access to relevant clinical trial options based on a patient's specific characteristics. The platform allows customization of searches by specifying cancer subtypes, biomarkers, and other relevant criteria.

According to Dr. Leonard Lichtenfeld, an advisor at Leal Health and former Chief Medical and Scientific Officer at the American Cancer Society, oncologists traditionally relied on major academic centers or to find potential studies for patient enrollment. However, these sources may not always meet the unique medical and personal needs of patients. Community oncologists, in particular, often lack access to specialized cancer centers and their resources. Leal Health's platform aims to address these limitations by providing a more comprehensive and patient-centered approach to clinical trial identification.

Tzvia Bader, CEO and Co-Founder of Leal Health, highlights that while offers a vast number of trial results, the data can be overwhelming and presented in an unstructured manner. In contrast, Leal Health's platform simplifies the process and presents the information in a user-friendly manner for oncologists. This not only strengthens the doctor-patient relationship but also enables more effective collaboration and informed decision-making regarding patient care and treatment plans.

Leal Health is the largest AI pre-screening platform for clinical trials, with a quick signup process that allows oncologists to discover the best available advanced treatment options for their patients. The platform has facilitated over 4 million treatment matches to date, with approximately 20,000 clinical trials and 150,000 cancer patients onboard. It covers a wide range of cancer types, representing 95 percent of all cancers. Leal Health continues to expand its support and impact in the field of oncology, providing valuable resources for oncologists and patients alike.


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