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Launch of Next-Generation Butterfly iQ3™ by Butterfly Network in the United States

Tuesday, February 13, 2024

Butterfly Network has introduced its latest innovation, the Butterfly iQ3™, marking a significant advancement in handheld ultrasound technology. This third-generation point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) system, recently cleared by the FDA, promises enhanced imaging capabilities and intuitive functionality.

The Butterfly iQ3™ is powered by a cutting-edge semiconductor chip, boasting a doubled data transfer rate compared to its predecessor. This upgrade translates into superior image quality and faster micro-beamforming, facilitating advanced 3D imaging features such as iQ Slice™ and iQ Fan™. With twice the processing power of its predecessor, the Butterfly iQ+, and featuring an innovative "no focus" rubber lens, the iQ3™ enables healthcare providers to accurately identify anatomy and make confident diagnostic decisions.

A recent survey involving 475 clinicians from various specialties found that the majority favored the overall image quality of the Butterfly iQ3™ over that of the GE Vscan Air™ CL.*

The Butterfly iQ3™ introduces two new 3D imaging capabilities: iQ Slice and iQ Fan, designed to streamline image acquisition. These features complement Butterfly's extensive array of anatomical presets, imaging modes, and advanced tools, including Auto Bladder Volume Capture and NeedleViz™.

Butterfly iQ Slice is the world's first automated, sequential ultrasound capture mode on a handheld device, simplifying the acquisition of high-quality images across a wide angle. Meanwhile, Butterfly iQ Fan enhances lung visualization by facilitating real-time virtual fanning, eliminating the need for manual probe adjustment.

In addition to the Butterfly iQ3™ launch, Butterfly Network has unveiled ScanLab™, an AI-powered educational application for ultrasound scanning practice. Available for free to all Butterfly members, ScanLab™ enhances training opportunities for healthcare professionals without incurring additional costs.

This groundbreaking release underscores Butterfly Network's commitment to revolutionizing healthcare through innovative technology, empowering healthcare providers with advanced imaging solutions.


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