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Laborie Unveils the Latest RenovaRP Centesis System

Monday, January 08, 2024

Laborie Medical Technologies, Inc. (Laborie), a prominent player in the field of diagnostic and therapeutic medical technology, is pleased to introduce the RenovaRP™ Centesis System. This innovative device for fluid drainage aims to enhance patient care and streamline the workflow for healthcare practitioners. Expanding on the capabilities of the existing RenovaRP paracentesis pump, the RenovaRP Centesis System now includes applications for thoracentesis and incorporates design improvements to the handle and nest, ensuring an enhanced user experience.

Paracentesis and thoracentesis are essential medical procedures involving the puncture and aspiration of fluid from body cavities, such as the abdomen and chest, respectively. These procedures are critical for patients dealing with conditions like ascites or pleural effusion. The launch of the RenovaRP Centesis System signifies a significant achievement for Laborie, providing healthcare professionals with an advanced tool to elevate the quality of care during these interventions.

The RenovaRP Centesis System offers a secure, efficient, and minimally invasive solution, promoting patient comfort and reducing recovery times. This groundbreaking system will be showcased at upcoming gastroenterology conferences scheduled for early 2024.


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