KUBTEC® Launches MOZART iQ® - A Next Generation 3D Margin Management System for Breast Surgery

Friday, May 12, 2023

KUBTEC®, a prominent company specializing in specimen imaging, is thrilled to introduce its latest breakthrough in breast cancer surgery called the MOZART iQ® 3D Margin Management System.

This groundbreaking product combines amorphous selenium direct capture imaging technology with 3D intraoperative tomosynthesis X-ray technology, offering breast surgeons an exceptionally clear view of surgical margins in the operating room.

Vikram Butani, the CEO of KUBTEC, stated, "At KUBTEC, our mission is to enable precision surgery by providing surgeons with the best intraoperative technology. We constantly strive to innovate and enhance the value of our products. The MOZART iQ®, with its sharp and high-quality images, along with the proven benefits of 3D tomosynthesis technology, represents a significant advancement in intraoperative specimen imaging."

The 3D intraoperative specimen tomosynthesis, available exclusively from KUBTEC, has already demonstrated a reduction in repeat surgeries (or re-excisions) by up to 50%1. This reduction is highly beneficial as currently, up to 30% of breast cancer patients undergoing breast-conserving surgery require a second surgery2. Repeat surgeries can lead to poorer clinical outcomes, increased healthcare costs, inferior cosmetic results, longer wait times, and decreased patient satisfaction overall.

"The level of detail provided by the MOZART iQ® will instill greater confidence in surgeons regarding the efficacy of their procedures," added Vikram Butani. "Moreover, it is incredibly user-friendly and efficient in the operating room, equipped with innovative features such as Voice Control and the Image Blender, which combines optical and X-ray images. Additionally, for the first time with a MOZART® system, GammaPRO®, our next-generation High Sensitivity Wireless SLNB Technology, is fully integrated, resulting in one less screen in the operating room. We take pride in welcoming MOZART iQ® to our leading product lineup and are excited about its potential to benefit surgeons, hospitals, and patients."

KUBTEC introduced the MOZART iQ® 3D Margin Management System for the first time at the recent American Society of Breast Surgeons Annual Meeting. This new product is exclusively available in the United States and Canada. For more information, visit:

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