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Intuitive Modern Medical Solutions Joins Lazurite® as Distributor for ArthroFree® System

Tuesday, February 20, 2024

Lazurite®, a prominent medical technology firm, has enlisted Intuitive Modern Medical Solutions (IMMS) as a distributor for its ArthroFree® Wireless Camera System within New York state, excluding New York City. ArthroFree® is recognized as the first FDA-cleared wireless camera for arthroscopy and general endoscopy, catering to minimally invasive surgical procedures.

The system's design aims to enhance surgeon precision and concentration by eliminating interruptions from camera cables and contamination risks, allowing surgeons to maintain uninterrupted focus on patient care via monitor visualization. IMMS shares Lazurite's commitment to pioneering technology and offers comprehensive coverage across New York state. With a strong emphasis on education and training, IMMS ensures its team members serve as valuable resources to customers throughout the surgical process.

IMMS currently employs nine representatives and provides a range of products covering arthroscopy, laparoscopy, extremity procedures, sports tissue and biologics, and total joint replacement. Additionally, IMMS operates an evaluation laboratory, fostering collaborations such as an ongoing study of the ArthroFree system with the University of Buffalo. This partnership has generated interest and sales opportunities through clinical evaluations and demonstrations, signaling the potential for improved surgical outcomes in the region.




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