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Introducing the Revolutionary Phoenix®100 System by Evren Technologies for Advancing Vagus Nerve Stimulation Research

Friday, July 14, 2023

Evren Technologies, a leading innovator in medical neuromodulation devices, has made an exciting announcement about the launch of their groundbreaking Phoenix®100 System. This state-of-the-art transcutaneous auricular vagus nerve stimulator (taVNS) research tool aims to address the challenges faced by researchers in the field of Vagus Nerve Stimulation (VNS).

The Phoenix®100 System is designed to overcome the limitations of existing research tools, which are often large, immobile, and lack flexibility. It offers a compact, versatile, and programmable solution tailored to the needs of patients with PTSD and other conditions that could benefit from non-invasive VNS research or treatment. By stimulating the vagus nerve through the ear's pinna, the Phoenix®100 System effectively reduces the stress response by downregulating the sympathetic nervous system. This approach has an advantage over cervical VNS devices as it primarily stimulates afferent fibers, minimizing the risk of side effects.

The launch of the Phoenix®100 System marks a significant milestone for Evren Technologies in the field of bioelectronic medicine. The system opens up possibilities for taVNS therapy, potentially benefiting the estimated 12 million individuals in the US who suffer from PTSD. Moreover, it represents a step forward for the company, generating its first product revenue.

Specifically designed for VNS research, the Phoenix®100 System consists of a stimulator, a comfortable earpiece, and programming software. Notably, it is the first system to include physiological monitoring to ensure the quality of stimulation. It offers high-quality programmable stimulation with a wide range of amplitude and frequency options, two calibration choices, data logging, remote communication, and the ability to conduct adaptable home studies. An adherence monitoring feature is also incorporated to track patients' adherence to clinical protocols in their own homes.

This launch underscores Evren's commitment to empowering PTSD patients and improving their lives through portable and non-invasive neuromodulation products. The Phoenix®100 System represents a significant advancement in VNS research and holds promise for future therapeutic applications.



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