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Introducing the DAA Preserve by NextStep Arthropedix: A Retractorless and Assistantless Solution

Wednesday, July 19, 2023

NextStep Arthropedix, a growing company specializing in orthopedic implants and procedures, has recently unveiled their latest innovation called "The Preserve." This groundbreaking solution introduces a retractorless and assistantless approach to anterior hip surgeries, effectively reducing soft tissue and bone injuries associated with traditional retractors.

The Preserve by NextStep revolutionizes the hip replacement procedure by streamlining the surgical process, optimizing operational efficiency, and enhancing surgical reproducibility. Notable features of The Preserve include Reduced need for additional personnel in the operating room, Elimination of soft tissue disruption caused by retractors, Compatibility with both the Athello table and other direct anterior tables offered by competitors.

The Preserve offers numerous benefits, including a smaller surgical footprint, minimized soft tissue and bony trauma, the ability to perform surgery without an assistant, cost savings, and its compatibility with ambulatory surgery centers (ASCs). The assistantless surgery approach reduces the risk of infection, addresses staffing challenges, and enables a safe transition to ASC settings.

The Preserve procedure incorporates the NextStep "Helpi," a custom instrument specifically designed for the femur-first Preserve Technique. The Helpi features a rounded end that seamlessly fits into the NextStep female broach, mitigating the potential for bone injuries. Additionally, its blunt tip reduces soft tissue injuries while allowing for easy maneuverability, ensuring optimal exposure during surgical procedures.



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