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Introducing FDA-Cleared Motive™ Therapy: Effective Solution for Knee Pain

Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Motive Health, a new company entering the direct-to-consumer health and wellness market, has officially launched Motive™ Knee, an FDA-cleared muscle stimulation device for knee pain. Unlike previous requirements, this device can now be obtained without a prescription, making it accessible to a broader audience. Motive™ Knee is designed to relieve knee pain and enhance mobility by strengthening the quadriceps muscles. By introducing their cutting-edge technology directly to consumers, Motive Health aims to transform non-invasive knee pain management.

According to statistics, knee pain affects a significant number of people in the United States, ranging from individuals engaging in daily activities to athletes. Quadriceps muscle weakness is a leading cause of knee pain. Motive™ Knee is the only device clinically proven and FDA-cleared to address knee pain by strengthening the quadriceps muscles using neuromuscular stimulation technology The device delivers a precise electrical pulse to stimulate muscle movement, thereby strengthening the quadriceps and reducing pressure on the knee joint. Unlike other devices that offer temporary pain relief, Motive™ Knee's muscle therapy provides long-lasting joint health benefits and improved mobility. Users can conveniently control the therapy at home, typically recommended for 30 minutes per day. To personalize therapy levels, monitor progress, and achieve mobility goals, users can utilize the MyMotive App, which pairs with the device. With the launch of Motive™ Knee, individuals now have the opportunity to take control of their recovery and resume an active lifestyle, breaking free from the cycle of knee pain.



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