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Introducing EnFix TAC™: TETROUS, Inc.'s Latest Innovation to Enhance Enthesis Reformation in Rotator Cuff Surgery, Complementing the EnFix RC™ Product Line

Wednesday, February 14, 2024

TETROUS, INC. has introduced EnFix TAC, a new addition to its EnFix™ line of demineralized bone allograft implants, aimed at enhancing the healing process in rotator cuff surgery. The company will showcase these implants at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) annual conference in San Francisco, CA. Comprising a team of leading surgeons, regenerative medicine scientists, and experienced business leaders in orthopaedics, TETROUS focuses on addressing the critical gap in bone-to-tendon healing post-surgery.

Research indicates that the enthesis, the attachment point of tendons or ligaments to bone, often fails to reform properly after surgery, leading to the formation of suboptimal scar tissue. Scar tissue is insufficient for transmitting tensile loads from soft tissue to bone and is prone to failure. EnFix TAC is specifically engineered to mimic the natural healing properties of the enthesis while offering surgeons the flexibility to choose suture anchors according to their preferences, including all-suture anchors.

EnFix TAC comes in two shapes to ensure adequate coverage based on the size of the rotator cuff tear. While the initial focus is on rotator cuff repair, TETROUS is actively exploring additional applications for ACL and Achilles tendon repair, thereby expanding the EnFix product line.


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