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Introducing ConsensusAI: The Revolutionary AI-Powered Tool Enabling Real-Time Patient Consultation in Healthcare

Friday, July 14, 2023

ConsensusAI, a healthcare communications-technology company, recently launched a new product that aims to assist clinicians in making faster medical delivery-of-care decisions. Known as ConsensusAI, this technology leverages the Healthcasts platform and utilizes proprietary artificial intelligence (AI) generated by Healthcasts' HCP-member network. By analyzing a vast amount of real-time clinical consultations, ConsensusAI provides immediate access to key insights that can enhance patient diagnoses and treatment selection.

The use of crowdsourced data from healthcare providers (HCPs) is transforming the way treatment is delivered, leading to improved patient outcomes while saving HCPs valuable time on research. The Healthcasts platform has become an essential tool for HCPs, with 60% of them using it during office hours. Additionally, a significant number of HCPs, around 66%, have adjusted their treatment plans based on the information exchanged through the platform.

Healthcasts not only empowers HCPs to leverage their own real-world data for faster clinical decision-making but also facilitates data exchanges among HCPs, enabling them to support their colleagues and patients more effectively.

One notable advantage of Healthcasts is its commitment to data accuracy and reliability. The platform draws exclusively from verified and validated HCP opinions and patient consultations, ensuring credibility and efficacy. With over 20 years of experience in facilitating HCP data exchanges, Healthcasts has built a vast and proprietary database, making it a trusted source of information for healthcare professionals.



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