Introducing Bunionplasty® 360 by Voom™ Medical Devices: A Modern Solution for Bunion Repair, Redefining Traditional Approaches

Wednesday, May 08, 2024

Voom Medical Devices, Inc. ("Voom") has introduced an innovative advancement in surgical bunion correction. Their proprietary Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ solution is quickly garnering interest from surgeons and patients.

This minimally invasive approach offers a comprehensive solution to alleviate the pain, disfigurement, and physical limitations associated with bunions.

Contrary to traditional bunion correction methods, the minimally invasive and fusion-free Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ approach allows bone realignment from all angles and dimensions continuously.

This method represents a significant advancement over "3D" or "4D" techniques, as it addresses the underlying cause of bunions without permanently fusing a healthy midfoot.

Voom Director of Surgeon Onboarding, emphasizes the challenge of explaining the significance of "3D" or "4D" approaches to patients and surgeons, given their reliance on midfoot fusion.

Surgeon training focuses on highlighting the comprehensive nature of the Bunionplasty® procedure, preserving foot mobility and restoring functionality.

The importance of providing clear explanations to patients about the differences between Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ and conventional methods. Trained surgeons are enthusiastic about offering patients a solution aligned with their needs and lifestyles.

Acknowledges the common use of the Leaning Tower of Pisa metaphor to describe "3D" or "4D" fusion procedures.

Emphasizes the patient preference against fusion, making the Bunionplasty® 360 Bunion Repair™ a suitable option for those seeking to maintain natural foot function without immobilization.


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