Innovative Heart Failure Monitoring Program Introduced in Collaboration Between Bodyport and Geisinger

Thursday, August 03, 2023

Bodyport Inc. and Geisinger have announced a collaborative effort to develop and implement a fluid-guided care pathway for heart failure patients. The program aims to augment Geisinger's existing remote heart failure (HF) management program by incorporating the FDA-cleared Bodyport Cardiac Scale and Fluid Alerts.

Both organizations share a preventive approach to care, focusing on keeping patients healthy and avoiding worsening heart failure events, which can lead to increased healthcare costs. The main objective of the program is to create a fluid-guided care pathway that can provide early warnings of changes in a patient's status, leading to improved care delivery and clinical outcomes.

The Bodyport Cardiac Scale is a non-invasive physical platform similar to a conventional weight scale. It includes embedded sensors that can measure metrics of heart function and fluid status during daily weigh-ins. The Bodyport Fluid Alert utilizes data from the Cardiac Scale, including changes in weight, fluid levels, and pulse rate, to remotely notify care teams of any alterations in a patient's health status.

The remote monitoring enabled by the Cardiac Scale allows care teams to proactively provide medical interventions, potentially preventing worsening heart failure events and avoidable hospitalizations. Additionally, the data gathered by the Cardiac Scale informs self-care insights provided through Bodyport's user-friendly patient app.

During the 12-month pilot phase, approximately 200 adult patients diagnosed with HF at Geisinger will receive the Cardiac Scale for daily home use. The scale's measurement data will be automatically uploaded to the Geisinger medical team, who will be promptly alerted to any changes in a patient's health. This allows the team to remotely assess the patient's status, provide coaching on HF risk factors, and determine the need for further treatment.

This collaborative effort builds on the success of a previous study conducted by Geisinger and Bodyport, which demonstrated the effectiveness of the Fluid Alert in detecting worsening heart failure. The study found that the Bodyport Fluid Alert outperformed weight-based monitoring alone, the current standard of care for HF patients, by providing earlier and more accurate detection of HF events, with fewer false alerts.

The partnership between Bodyport Inc. and Geisinger exemplifies their commitment to innovative remote care for heart failure patients. Through the implementation of the fluid-guided care pathway and the use of the Bodyport Cardiac Scale and Fluid Alerts, the organizations aim to improve patient outcomes and reduce healthcare costs associated with heart failure.



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