InkSpace Imaging Enhances Body Array Compatibility for GE HealthCare 3T MRI Systems

Wednesday, June 26, 2024

InkSpace Imaging is excited to announce that their Snuggle™ and Silhouette™ MRI body arrays have received certification from GE HealthCare for use with the GE HealthCare Signa Architect and Premier 3T MRI scanners in the United States.

This milestone reflects InkSpace Imaging's dedication to advancing diagnostic imaging technology, benefiting radiologists, MR technologists, hospitals, and patients alike.

The Snuggle™ pediatric and Silhouette™ adult MR body arrays are engineered for a body-contouring fit, featuring flexible, lightweight, and slim designs suitable for all ages, from neonates to adults.

Their innovative blanket-like structure enhances signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), shortens scan times, and increases patient throughput.

These MR coils provide outstanding image quality and an improved patient experience, aiming to reduce anxiety, limit the need for sedation, and decrease the number of additional procedures.

The partnership with GE HealthCare, stating, "Expanded integration enables radiologists to leverage the combined strengths of both companies’ technologies, facilitating superior patient care and diagnostic outcomes.

They thrilled for Patient-focused MRI coils are now accessible to additional GE HealthCare 3T MRI scanner sites."


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