Initial Surgical Implementation of Tetrous Enfix RC™ Fiber Implant for Enhanced Rotator Cuff Repair Conducted at Rush Oak Brook Surgery Center

Wednesday, July 12, 2023

Tetrous Inc., a leading regenerative medicine company, recently announced the completion of the first four surgical cases using EnFix RC. This innovative implant is specifically designed for rotator cuff repair, with a focus on addressing Enthesis Failure Syndrome. This condition is a significant concern as structural failures occur in a considerable percentage of rotator cuff repairs.

In the United States alone, approximately 500,000 rotator cuff repairs are performed each year, and a substantial portion of these repairs experience structural failures due to inadequate tendon-to-bone ingrowth. This lack of proper healing often leads to gap formation, incomplete recovery, and an increased risk of re-tear. Tendon reattachment is crucial, especially for larger tears, as failure rates tend to rise proportionally with the size of the tear.

Unlike traditional augmentation products that primarily reinforce the tendon, EnFix RC offers a paradigm shift by focusing on enhancing healing at the enthesis, the site where failures commonly occur. This approach promotes biologic repair at the interface between the tendon and bone, resembling the natural tendon-bone interface found in the enthesis. EnFix RC facilitates the remodeling of tissue to approximate that of the enthesis, which is particularly beneficial for sports medicine repairs involving the rotator cuff, ACL, and Achilles tendon.

EnFix RC utilizes a technology with a well-established clinical history in orthopedics, having undergone extensive studies in tendon and bone healing. The implant incorporates demineralized cortical bone fibers produced using Bone Textile™ technology. These fibers, characterized by their length and strength, promote cell wicking, adhesion, and proliferation. Additionally, the FormLok™ technology ensures that the device retains its shape even when immersed in liquids, a requirement often encountered during arthroscopic surgery.

The EnFix RC implant represents a significant advancement in rotator cuff repair, addressing the issue of enthesis failure and promoting optimal biologic performance. By seamlessly integrating into current surgical techniques, it offers a promising solution to improve healing outcomes for patients with rotator cuff injuries.



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