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Initial Patients Undergo Treatment with the Innovative Edison® Histotripsy System, Marking a Significant Milestone in Medical Advancements

Saturday, January 06, 2024

HistoSonics, the developer of the Edison® Histotripsy System, announced a milestone as the University of Rochester Medical Center treated the world's first patient with targeted liver tumor therapy using the Edison System, following its recent FDA De Novo clearance. Concurrently, the Cleveland Clinic initiated treatments for liver tumor patients utilizing histotripsy. HistoSonics' image-guided sonic beam therapy system employs proprietary technology and advanced imaging to deliver personalized, non-invasive treatments with precision.

Histotripsy, utilizing focused sound energy for controlled acoustic cavitation, mechanically destroys and liquefies targeted tissue at sub-cellular levels. The potential applications of histotripsy in liver tumor patients are extensive, offering possibilities for downstaging and preparing patients for surgical resections and transplantation.

The Edison® System is designed for non-invasive mechanical destruction of liver tumors, including the partial or complete obliteration of unresectable liver tumors through histotripsy. Importantly, the FDA has not evaluated the Edison System for treating specific diseases or conditions. Additionally, the use of the Edison System in kidney applications is restricted by federal law to investigational purposes.


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